The Age of Volunteerism

It is a great time to be a volunteer nowadays. Thanks to the technological innovation, it is easier for groups to advertise their needs of volunteers and at the same time, for people to find a group where they can volunteer. This works perfectly for the people involved as convenience yield to a higher participation rate.

But volunteerism is not just something that you should do because it might look good on your resume or you appear cool for helping out. It should always come from the heart so you will enjoy what you are doing even if the times are tough and the things get more difficult.


Volunteerism is Not Easy

volunteersThe first thing that you need to know is it doesn’t pay much, or it doesn’t pay at all in most cases. Aside from an allowance in the form of food and transportation such as the canal bus in Amsterdam, you won’t get any financial reward in volunteering – even a budget promo code because money is a finite resource for these organizations.

Therefore volunteers are sometimes required to pay for their own expenses because they can’t be covered by these organizations. However, by doing so, you are also strengthening your own passion for service and your altruistic attitude. All of these are important skills when pursuing your actual career.

Also, volunteering is physically demanding. Most of these activities will require you to go our and have your hands get dirty. You will not be treated as a boss or like a baby. You are expected to do everything that might include some heavy lifting, running errands, and even cleaning.

Perks of Volunteering

However, there are several perks when you volunteer. First, it gives you an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Because you are not being paid, you are doing things based on your own passion and the goodness of your heart. Therefore, your activities are driven not by money or some Easter promo codes.


Also, you get to learn about how to run an organization therefore improving your leadership skills. This is an important aspect because leadership is needed in any career you will be pursuing in the future.

Lastly, you create important connections that you can use later on. Through volunteering, you’ll get to know more people that might help you out in other things in the future.