State of Women’s Rights

Although there are still several things that we should improve on when it comes to women’s rights, in actuality, we have come a long way into recognizing women as an integral part of society. They deserve all the rights they are getting right now and we should even extend it more to be of equal to men.

Women Decide


For a long time, our society was mainly shaped by the patriarchal way of thinking. Most of our lawmakers are men who don’t understand the struggle of being a woman. They act as if they are the protectors, therefore, their decisions and actions are because of their desire to protect women.

However, because of that, it removes the power of women to decide for themselves and access to high quality of life that they choose. That’s why it has been only in the last century when women were allowed to vote. Their participation in the government up until know is being frowned upon yet it is slowly changing.

But through our collective efforts, the society is starting to understand the need for a powerful engagement of women in the society. They should have the power to decide on what life they are going to take. They should be able to decide on the things that they will do with their lives.

Reproductive Health Issues

prenancyOne of the things that are very important to cover is the freedom of women to decide on their own bodies. Reproductive health has always been skewed to favor men over women when in fact, it is the women who are affected the most in terms of pregnancy and child bearing.

However, it is still now being debated that the power to decide over their body should still consider men’s decision, even on trivial issues on how to get more visitors and children or not. That’s why abortion laws anywhere in the world are mostly voted upon by men dominated government because it’s easy for them to look at women’s body in distant way.

Thankfully, we have shown our strength through lobbying and generate targeted results so now people are understanding that women should have the right to decide on her body specially that at the end of the day, they will be the ones who will stick to that decision forever, not those who are looking at the issue from a safe distance.