The Fight for LGBT Right Continues


The LGBTQ community recently celebrated a huge victory when Taiwan passed a legislation legalizing gay marriage, a first in Asia. This historic event is celebrated by people around the globe because it gives us a reason to look forward to the bright future of our fight towards freedom.

However, it does not end in that. Actually, we are far from over as there are still many attempt to destroy what freedom is being enjoyed by the community which is our next international promo scene. For example, in some Islamic countries, it is illegal to be gay and sometimes, it is not only punishable by imprisonment but of death.

Continuing the Fight

gayThat’s why it is important that we remain vigilant in the actions of different government across the globe. We are continuing the fight in order to finally free all the LGBTQ members to be who they are whenever they are. This is not a fight of principle or a growtraffic support. This is a fight of allowing these people to live as an equal member of society.

The priority of our movement is to focus on decriminalizing being gay. It is technically not a crime to live a life that you didn’t choose but was innate to you. No one had a decision where they had to choose if they should become straight or gay. It has been scientifically established that you were born gay.

Educating the masses is an important part of our campaign. Letting the people know about the rights we are pushing forward will make them understand that gay rights wont step on the rights they are currently enjoying right now. Gay marriage will not force churches to marry gay couples, but more of legally allowing gay couple to enjoy city center sights and observe the rights like normal straight couple would.

Active participation from the community is what we are hoping for right now. No one should ever be afraid of being who they are that’s why we are working hard to push for these laws. Currently, we are enjoying support from thousands of organizations globally allowing us to push for much needed reforms.


The Next Step

We need your help and effort for us to make our goals realized. Volunteer in one of our events in the future to help us accomplish what we are aiming for. A safe space for everyone.